Lucky winners in our Summer School competition

Anton Buirski won the prize for the longest attending Summer School student (he attended the first UCT Summer School back in 1950 when he was 18!) and close on his heels is Eric Issacs and Avril Kurgen who received spot prizes for their regular attendance. We also had a lucky prize for a first time Summer Schooler, won by Lerato Shai. Congratulations all:)

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Portraiture with Paul Birchall

Here are some photos from the practical art course on portraiture – what talented Summer Schoolers we have:) Photos by Delia.

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Tea with Summer School lecturers – 26 January 2012

Summer School lecturers enjoying their tea in the Centre for Open Learning seminar room.

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The Book of All books by Dr Azila Reisenberger

Dr Azila Talit Reisenberger’s course “The Book of All books” has been full house:) African Books Collective introduce her as follows:

“Azila Talit Reisenberger is an award winning author who has had poetry and short stories published in Israel, the USA, UK, Germany and South Africa. Two of her plays: “Adam’s Apple” and “The loving father”, were staged at Grahamstown Festival. She is a senior lecturer in Hebrew and Jewish Studies in the School of Languages and Literatures at the University of Cape Town, and renowned for her passionate lectures and articles on gender issues and feminist theology in the Bible. For the past 17 years she has served as the Spiritual Leader of Temple Hillel, a progressive Jewish community in East London. She lives in Cape Town with her husband and three children.”

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Summer School podcasts & resources

Podcasts and PowerPoint presentations that lecturers have made available and given permission to distribute to students will be available via our profile on UCT Open Content.  If you would like to browse our available material, click here. If material on a course is not available by the end of February, it means the lecturer did not agree to make his/her material available. Please note: we are unable to provide contact details for individual lecturers.

Literary readings on YouTube

You can relive Summer School literary readings by Dorian Haaroff, Ingrid de Kok, Finuala Dowling and Azila Reisenberger via our YouTube Channel. Here is one by Ingrid de Kok:)

Better than J&B Met fashion: Dr Jean Moorcroft Wilson

Dr Jean Moorcroft Wilson, lecturing on fate and the individual in the Western novel, communicates various literary eras through her choice of dresses and hats. Today, she is Madame Bovary. Columnist John Scott wrote an interesting blog post about her entitled “The poetry lady who could have matched J&B Met fashions” – a must read:)

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Jay Naidoo – Youth Activism: South Africa’s Legacy and Future

Jay Naidoo‘s lecture is now also available as a podcast on the UCT Open Content website. (Click here to access the podcast of Jay Naidoo’s lecture:) Pauline Mundi of Drum magazine in Kenya did an interesting interview with Jay Naidoo recently and you can read her article on Jay’s blog here.

Jay Naidoo lectured on Youth Activism at UCT Summer School.

Follow-up: Dr David Wolfe’s course on the Large Hadron Collider

Summer School students really enjoyed Dr Wolfe’s course on the LHC. Audio recordings (podcasts) of his lectures have been published and are now available on UCT OpenContent. (Click here to access podcasts:)

Dr David Wolfe lecturing on the Large Hadron Collider at UCT Summer School.

Dr Wolfe also had a question from a student:

“Why is the gluon not considered as a candidate for the role of the Higgs Boson? It is always present in mass which distorts spacetime. Photons mediate both electric and magnetic forces why can’t gluons mediate the strong force and gravity?”

Dr Wolfe’s answer:

That’s really two questions. The second is easiest to answer. The gluon mediates a very short range force, the strong force which reaches out only to about the size of the nucleus, say 10 (-15) metres or so. Gravity reaches out to infinity. That makes things incompatible. The gluon cannot be the Higgs particle as it has no mass and the Higgs is heavy. Many other properties, such as the spin quantum number, are wrong also.

Attendee of our very first Summer School… back in 1950!

Anton Buirski attended the first @UCTSummerSchool in 1950 and is back for UCT’s 62nd annual Summer School. He celebrates his 80th birthday next month. He is still a practicing attorney, loves his dogs and uses a touchscreen cellphone. Proud winner in our search for the student who has been attending Summer School the longest:) This video features Anton with a photograph taken at the first UCT Summer School in 1950.



Congratulations UCT!

The development of the middle campus is stunning. The linking of All Africa House, the new economics building and the law faculty, creates an atmosphere which is clean, fresh and conducive to meeting and interacting with other students. A major talking point is the very masculine sculpture lying between. Any chance of a female counterpart being installed in the near future?

My test of a campus is ‘does it make me feel I want to learn?’ My answer is an unequivocal ‘yes’!

Lecturers’ Tea

Lecturers attended the Summer School lecturers’ tea today. They have inspired students on a diverse range of topics this week, from SA economic issues to water in art and writing memoirs.

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Social Media Workshop – please follow my blog

Attending the 3 day Social Media Workshop.  Just created my very first ever blog!  Please follow me on  – no content yet as that is the next part of the course, but in the mean time PLEASE start following me, I cannot go home with zero followers.

Summer School Experience

In this amorphous world filled with too much information, it is lovely to have a space of certainty.  I do not envy the lecturers who have to distill their knowledge into the space of an hour or five.  I am glad to have experienced their summarised knowledge when I am unsure of my own.  Thank you UCT Summer School.

Summer School on UCT’s Middle Campus

As from 2012, Summer School will be hosted on UCT’s Middle Campus in the Kramer Building. All the lectures will take place on level 2 below the cafeteria. The exhibition will be on that level as well, while the screenings will take place in the New Economics Building behind Kramer. Survivor Social Media will take place in the computer lab in the New Economics building and the practical art courses will take place at Goldfields Education Centre in Kirstenbosch.  Middle Campus is home to one of David Brown’s sculptures. You can read more about this sculpture and Brown’s work here: SA Art Times article.

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